Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beaujolais The Gamay Grape I Seldom Drink

Beaujolais The Gamay Grape I Seldom Drink, is my way of saying: "I've tasted Beaujolais and I didn't care for it, BUT five years ago my friend Mimi recommended GEORGES DUBCEUF APPELTION MORGON CONTROLEE RED BEAUJOLAIS WINE 2009.
That did shake things up a bit!
Some will ask why don't you like (in general) Beaujolais?
All I'll say is: With great light-bodied Pinot Noir and Rosé wines, why buy chancy Beaujolais (JMO)?
Now my friend Sarah (Sarah is a reliable voice in the wine wilderness) has recommended these "sister/brother" Beaujolais wines:

Albert Bichot Saint~Amour Les Champlettes 2014 Gamay (Beaujolais) Red Wine
Albert Bichot Morgon Les Charmes 2013 Gamay (Beaujolais) Red Wine
Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2014 Beaujolais
Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois.2014 Beaujolais
Nicole Chanrion Domaine de la Voute des Crozes Côte-de-Brouilly 2014 Gamay (Beaujolais)

Let me remind you (Sarah), in vino veritas!
Now, let us see how Sarah did!

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