Friday, March 11, 2016


MICA NAPA VALLEY 2012 CABERNET SAUVIGNON, $64.99-$69.99, 92+ points, poured core black grading deep purple/red at the broad clear wine ring and thick leggy bowl.
Profuse dark fruit aromas, especially black currant, dominated hints of cedar, freshly laundered linen, and coffee notes.
Huge red wine with a thick full body, fair acidity, and near perfectly layered and lusciously consistent tannin carried the nose throughout the palate, with black cherry and savory notes. Finished with a balancing spiciness and a warm 14.4% alcohol.


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  1. Dennis, just saw a bunch of this locally for about $58. Would you re-buy at that price? Also, your comment of "fair acidity" ..... Is the wine lively on the palate or is it flabby? More or equal acid to the average CA Cabernet? Thanks.

    1. John, I'd skip this one; though it's not flabby, at times it skirts the edges of flabby with a great spice finish to save the day.
      With so many really splendid 2012 Cabs, my recommendation is the Chateau Montelena at $40-$50, why spend the extra $s on it (JMO)?
      The Mica was a gift from my son, and we drank it with four of five others, and while we liked it, the Groth Reserve (2011) was king of the night (add another $20 or so).

  2. Thanks amico - I shall heed your advice and save some coin. By and large, I've been buying 2012's from Napa not wanting to get "caught" by the rare poor vintage there, i.e. 2011. 2012 and 2013 were phenomenal years. I've not typically been a Groth Reserve fan as I've found them too vegetal and in uneven years like 2011 it makes me wonder. I'm sort of surprised they produced a reserve in that year actually.