Thursday, March 3, 2016

Talking about wine, an angel's share of musing.

  Talking about wine, does it preclude drinking it or does it facilitate drinking the stuff? Is the very mention of the questions counting the number of angels on a pin?
  As a bird watcher, I think bird watching is about looking out my window, listening to bird songs as I walk to my car in the morning on my way to work, but sometimes it's about focusing on one goal in mind: strapping on my binoculars, packing my bird guide(s), dressing for the occasion, and walking the woods, braving the beach for phalaropes and gannets, strolling along the river trails careening my head this way and that way, and even scoping-out the town dump for Ivory gulls.

  What does this have to do with drinking wine? The idea that we must say wine is this and wine is that means little if anything at all; wine is what it is to individuals, all with their own motives, but just to be glib, let us say that wine is about a way of living, purely a beverage, a poor way to get inebriated, a complement to food, or even the paraphernalia of status, but whatever reason you drink wine, let us admit that for some of us, our interest in wine motivates us to strap on our camera, pack our trip brochures, adorn ourselves with touring vestments, and begin strolling the vineyards, the wine caves, and listening to the praises of the wine makers and hostesses, but don't forget: smelling, tasting, spitting, and just plain drinking wine, red wine, white wine, port, ice wine, rosé wine, etcetera, is the end goal.
  Yes, I think talking about wine facilitates drinking the stuff, and doing so with a greater understanding and appreciation is a good thing; after all, wine is more than "sunlight held together by water", it's you and me and Bobby McGee "from Kentucky. . . to the California sun."


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  1. I don't get tipsy talking about viticulture - which I can do until the cows come home :)

    1. VG: I know! You even have a special lexicon of viticulture: Vinomaker, Vinodog, Vinsanity, and Vinogirl! Feel free to help with the complete list. ;)