Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nalle Dry Creek 2006 Zinfandel Revisited

Nalle Dry Creek 2006 Zinfandel Revisited, $24.79-$30.99, 90 points, poured a pomegranate red grading cranberry red, and bleeding red into the clear wine ring at the glass wall.
Aromatic blackberry, earth, fresh linen, and red raspberry with coffee and tobacco notes were excellent.
Medium-bodied, mouth-watering acidity, and remarkably firm grainy tannin were yet active, though considerable sediment required decanting.
Flavors of subtle cola, mocha, licorice, and blackberry were good.
Finished fair on the trailing palate, soft spice notes, and a perfect 13.7% alcohol.
Though the best days of this Zin are over (JMO), I wouldn't be surprised to hear of this wine aging at least one or two more years with no problem.


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  1. Good write-up on revisiting aging Zinfandel. I only drink young stuff now, having learned with experience of the general lack of aging potential with this varietal. Just recently had a 2014 Terlato's 'The Federalist' (less than 20 bucks at BevMo)...wonderful stuff!

    1. VG: As usual, you are the faithful educator commentator here at the NHWM blog, I can't tell how much I appreciate your perspective on everything wine.
      As for the aging-value of some Zinfandels, Frogs Leap and Nalle have proven their exception to the rule of drink young only Zinfandel; I hope to see that true of some others.
      As for 'The Federalist' Zin (you once did a post on Vinsanity), I had at a wine tasting this past fall tried a but small taste, and I wasn't enamored with it, but I don't remember for sure if it was the 2012 vintage ($14.99), but next time I see it on sale I'll have to give it due justice.

  2. Well, I am sure our palates vary quite a bit, but The Federalist was a hit with my home made pizza.

    1. The Fed. Zin in your post was from Dry Creek, and the one I tasted was from Lodi, and in my short experience with Zins. Dry Creek is the better of the two.