Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ridge Paso Robles 2007 Zinfandel Revisited

Ridge Paso Robles 2007 Zinfandel Revisited, $27.00, 88 points, appeared an unfiltered bright red, maroon with a clear wine ring.
It took an hour or so for the aroma to reach a pleasant cocoa and toasty, blackberry.
Medium-bodied, good acidity, mild resolved tannin, and a developing dominant flavor of red cherry with a slightly vegetive note followed long into the finish graced by still good spices and a noticeable 14.5% alcohol.

The back label says to drink by 2013, and I can understand why: The markedly degraded quality brought a 92 point wine, tasted more than five years ago, down to a bare 88 points. This is why it is a good idea, for the most part, to drink Zinfandel while its young.


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