Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dry Creek Heritage 2006 Zinfandel Revisited

Dry Creek Heritage 2006 Zinfandel Revisited, $20.99, 85 points, appeared Deep Maroon bleeding into the thin clear wine ring at the leggy glass wall.
First whiffs were unpropitious musty plum and a better briny smell with just a hint of allspice.
Near full-bodied with fair acidity and resolved tannin made for a somewhat bland, though quite acceptable and even surprisingly good, plum, licorice, and boysenberry flavor profile.
Finished fair with warm spice notes, a hint of pomegranate, cola, and an unobtrusive 14.5% alcohol.
This Zinfandel has seen its last days, and though perfectly acceptable, without a wow expectation, for most occasions; e.g. barbecues, fast-foods in the park, watching the baseball game with friends or alone.


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  1. I love Dry Creek Vineyard, but this is their weakest red. They took a lot of pride in creating this Heritage wine but I don't think the quality has ever lived up to the hype or presentation.

  2. Ha! John, we're working both ends of the social media! Thanks for commenting. As you know last year I visited Dry Creek Vineyards, and for the five of us it was just about our favorite; the problem here in NH is finding some of their higher-end wines!

  3. You should be able to find the Old Vine Zin - much better IMO. Their single vineyard Zins are club wines only I think.

    1. John, I hear that, and have had others, but not in NH, neither have I found here the Old Vine, but I always have my eyes open.