Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seghesio Old Vine Sonoma County 2008 Zinfandel,

Seghesio Old Vine Sonoma County 2008 Zinfandel, $29.74-$42.99, 92 points, fits into the same category as the Gamba Moratto Russian River Old Vine 2009 Zinfandel: cellared for years and high in alcohol (15.5%); having tasted two other vintages, 2007 and 2011, the Seghesio 2008 Old Vine is old enough to list as an age worthy test of Zinfandel's staying prowess.
However, unlike the Gamba, this 2008 Old Vine was wonderful, with wild berries, mucho spices, a distinctive clove, and it was delicious with or without food, but as is true of any good wine, it made my food (Buffalo wings) better.
The color was a deep maroon grading purple/red at the clear wine ring and sheeted glass wall.
Smells of cedar, blackberry, and clove were outstanding.
Near full-bodied, good acidity, and still a supportive underlayment of grainy tannin managed lively fruit and spice flavors, which enriched the long finish with a warm/hot 15.5% alcohol.
Though just past peak, a remarkably good Zinfandel nonetheless.


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  1. Have had this Zin before, albeit a younger vintage, and have loved it every time :)

    1. VG: As good as this wine was now, it certainly was better even a year ago, but I'm with you!