Saturday, August 12, 2017

Passion fruit in Wine

Passion fruit in wine
is its own passion,
but it has lead me to another great culinary adventure!

  I found Passion fruit to be more like a sweet/tart lemongrass accented with a bit of nutty lime, however Emmy (see link below) describes it quite differently. No matter how it's experienced, the flavor is wonderful and highly prized.
  All opinions concerning Passion fruit are welcome.

Emmy describes Passion fruit.


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  1. I just completed Emmy's description of passion fruit. Unfortunately, I was so anxious to taste this delicacy I ignored the aromas. The booger like texture of the passion fruit was not at all pleasing to my palate. The slime and crunch completely turned me off. Sorry, WM. For me, the taste and aromas are best served in the flavors of the wine.

  2. My favourite fruit. I was with Thud the first time I ever had passion fruit and have been a fanatic since. Fun video, and yes, it is a hard to describe fruit, but I just love dessert, in wine, in anything!

  3. DD: Interesting comments, and no one will turn their nose-up at your appreciation of PF in wine! ;)

    VG: You do know that your enthusiasm for PF was the seed planted sprouting this post?