Saturday, August 12, 2017

Warre's 1992 Quinta Da Cavainha Vintage Porto

Warre's 1992 Quinta Da Cavainha Vintage Porto, $24.99-$49.99, 96 points, poured a copper/red color with a very broad clear wine ring, heavy draping, and thick debris requiring filtering
Aromatic raisins, plum, fig, fresh laundered linen, and bright red fruit were wonderful.
Full-bodied with mouthwatering acidity and still firm grainy tannins carried rich flavors of caramel, raisins, and slightly sweet fig. 
Finished long on the hot 20% alcohol inspirited spice, spearmint, and oak notes.
Lovely Port by its lonesome or as it paired perfectly with our chocolate/hazelnut cheesecake.


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  1. This is an exquisite Port wine, with intriguing aromas and flavors. A friend and I recently shared dinner and this Port. Your review is spot on!!

  2. I would also be interested in hearing your dessert wine recommendation, pairing with pecan pie. Thank you, WM.