Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cupcake Wines! Why!

Cupcake Wines! Why!
As I posted early in June (Rosé Wines, The Big Domestic Push), Cupcake Vineyards is no different!
Well, that got me thinking: I've had quite a few Cupcake wines, and not often with good comments from wine lovers, but since I'm doing domestic Rosé, and since I've always found Cupcake wines adequate, especially at their price-points, I needed to give Cupcake Rosé a try, and to provide a comprehensive list of the NHWM's Cupcake wine reviews!
And if you think this is too 'Much Ado About Nothing', keep in mind that Cupcake sells more wine in America than any other Vineyard! 
NHWM's Cupcake reviews:

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