Monday, August 27, 2018

Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant Cahors 2014 Malbec (France)

Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant Cahors 2014 Malbec (France), $12.99-$15.99, 87 points, poured an impregnable deep purple/red with a broad clear wine ring and moderately thick legs.
Aromas were more complex than at first they appeared, but dominant earth and olive smells were well garnished with cocoa, licorice, toast, and a floral vibe.
Near full-bodied with fair acidity and dry gripping tannins sported the challenging gauntlet of tasting the aromas beyond the dominant earth and olives, though a bit of tangy pomegranate late palate gave some contrast.
Finished fair on awaking pepper spices, plum, just a hint of mint, and a restrained 12.5% alcohol.


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  1. Would be good to blind taste this next to a few Argentinian Malbecs.

    1. VG: My limited experience with either French or Argentinean Malbec says that French equals a more nuanced flavor profile, while Argentina's are more fruit forward (JMO).