Sunday, August 5, 2018

Moët & Chandon Mini Imperial (187ML) Champagne

Champagne, sardine's perfect pairing!

Moët and Chandon Mini Imperial (187ML) Champagne, $4.49-$11.99, 89 points, poured with a vigorous head of foam made-up of medium-sized bubbles, and a very light gold color grading clear long before the glass edge.
The nose typically showed toast, yeast, and a hint of lemon.
Crisp light-plus body showed good acidity and rightly reflected the nose with a touch of apple onto the palate.
Finished long on the fading palate (highlighting the lemon), a fizzy ginger, and a well-balanced 12% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with King Oscar's baby sardines in extra virgin olive oil.
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  1. Wow! You must like sardines, there is quite a pile, or two, behind that lovely little bottle of heaven :)