Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Castello Banfi DI Montalcino 2004 Brunello Makes For Marvelous

Castello Banfi DI Montalcino 2004 Brunello, $49.29-$57.99, 93 points.
I'm going to be a bit disorganized with this review, because of how this wine evolved from opening through two hours of tasting.
First, I want to say that it paired beautifully with a medium Strip-steak, and wowed me with Dark-chocolate.
I opened the Brunello at about 60 degrees.
The color is amber-tinted royal purple.
This is a gulper of a wine, it is smooth, it is rich, it is delicious, it is meaty, it is crisp and brilliant, and it has a good long white and black pepper finish; this is my kind of wine, and if you say this is your kind of wine, just maybe we have similar palates. 
Though the floral component was slight, it did make an appearance with some air.
As the Brunello warmed, aromas of plum, black cherry, and blackberry began wafting out of my glass, but best of all, was the developing "After The Lightning Storm" linen fresh fragrance.


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