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Okay, I am a "Newbie", and White Wine is not my bag, but, but, but  this blog is about what I've tried and my experience, my palate and how New Hampshire wine drinkers might identify with that experience as I attempt to communicate what I discover; how that can profit NH wine-drinkers financially (Value wines and finds, both in quality and value-QPR), as well as honest advise concerning the good or bad taste of the wines tried.
With this disclaimer to having authority outside of economic gain (Which clouds perspective), or some magical transmutation of palate due to "paper" (Certified Wine Taster), this post is just a continuation of my exploration into the very deep world of wine as I find it.
Don't get mad, but understand that I'm looking to express vino verità; when I say that a vintage of Bare Foot Merlot was undrinkable to me, I'm not trying to  make an enemy (I have met others that love this wine), but honestly, I would not drink wine if that was the only wine in the world; I'd rather drink Grape juice, and maybe this is the key to this post's White Wine recommendation for summertime wine lovers, even Red Wine drinkers, like me, just might find how good some White Wines are.

Though I've read about Verdelho White Wine, I've never come across this varietal (Until now). Verdelho has its origins in Portugal (Prominently on Madeira Island), but has become rooted in Australia, Spain (Verdello), and Argentina.

Molly Dooker McLaren Vale (The Violinist) 2010 Verdelho, 
$24.00-$33.00, 92 points,
made a first impression of lush flavor: of crisp pure pear, cool green apple, sweet kiwi, and a hint of lime, but don't miss the pure glassy mineral color, aroma of subtle honeysuckle-pear, and a gentle finish of sweet spice (Medium-dry).
This wine can stand alone, a sipper or a gulper, but I loved this wine with Lobster Rangoon and General Tao's Chicken, but believe me, this wine was even OK with Hamburg Pizza as well.
I am not one for the overwhelming taste of alcohol, and this wine didn't disappoint at all, and with 15.5% alcohol, that's amazing.
I felt foolish scoring this wine 92 points, because the professionals scored The 2010 Violinist in the mid eighties, but this Newbie stands by my high praise

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