Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hendry Block 7 and 22 Benchlands Napa Valley 2007 Zinfandel, $35.00-$39.00, 90 points, was a very nice wine, but the QPR made this a probable one time Zinperience (unless someone gives me a bottle;-).
Beginning with a young Bordeaux ruby color, and an aroma of spiced grape, which becomes more pronounced with air.
This medium-bodied wine was spicy on the early palate and continued through a long white pepper finish.
Hendry Block 7 and 22 Benchlands Zinfandel had just a hint of bitterness in that finish, a bitterness which was accentuated with some pairings: tenderloin, and green pepper black olive pizza, but much less with smoky baby-back rips and sharp cheddar cheese and crackers. As a "stand-alone" wine, that bitterness was hardly noticeable.
This was a nice wine, smooth and flavorful, but not quite what the price would fulfill in the anticipation.


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