Monday, May 23, 2011

Coldi Sole Brunello DI Montalcino 2005

Coldi Sole Lionello Marchesi 2005 Brunello DI Montalcino, $45.05-$60.00, 92 points.
This wine needs to breathe; the second day was better than the first day, and sometimes (Taste first of course) this is a good idea with BIG Reds from Italy.
Upon opening, I was struck by the Walnut-Burgundy color, rich, yet still quite young.
The bouquet was beautifully pleasant, raisin-like, nutmeg hidden within floral fennel hints, and as the Brunello breathed, it morphed into a more traditional black-berries-grape fragrance. 
With early-palate acid (This is a food wine), to a mid-palate tannic grip, this wine demands your attention, it is not a gulper of a wine, not a frivolous wine, but an everyday table-wine for the well-to-do, or a special dinner-wine for more humble situations (decanting is an option). 
The flavor began too floral for me, but toned-down considerably, and with a complex and interesting structure of tart cherry and an INCREDIBLY long lip-smacking finish of cambium bark and white pepper zest I was sold me on this wine.
In the case of the Coldi Sole, QPR changes as it would with a dessert wine; you'll drink less and be satisfied more. Go out and buy a bottle, because it will enliven your palate, expand your wine-tasting experience, and last twice as long.

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