Thursday, March 15, 2012

Columbia Crest Grand-Estates Amitage 2008 Red Wine

Columbia Crest Grand-Estates Amitage 2008 Red Wine is the first of: Three acquaintances influence my wine tasting; they are friend, wine-wise, and penny-wise, or all three.

Columbia Crest Grand-Estates Amitage 2008 Red Wine, $10.80-$12.50, 88 points, begins my exploration into recommended red wines under twenty dollars.
Amitage has a bright cranberry color (most other reviewers seem to find it much darker than I do), a quiet aroma of grape, clove, and a hint of butterscotch (A first for a red-wine with me), the body, to me, is light plus, but others have described it as "full bodied". 
The first thing I thought of during my tasting was: "Northwest Merlot" sweet, juicy, a hint of petrol, a soft-side, and with 64% Merlot, that was no surprise, while a floral and spicy Syrah (19%) added a much need element of contrast and character, with 17% of other Bordeaux grapes nicely adding their hidden talents. 
There is a juicy combination of plum, red cherry, and strawberry here (Others have "black fruit"), with a fair finish of spicy pepper.
I must admit, that after tasting this wine and then researching what others have described, I wondered if I was tasting the same wine! Either way, I have never gone wrong with a CC Grand Estate Wine, and for so few dollars you won't either, but if you do try this wine, I'd love to hear your tasting comments.
I bought this wine at the Londonderry Hannaford's supermarket.

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  1. Not to go off your topic, but I see the 14 Hands picture. I'm not a fan of the "Hot to Trot" but their Merlot is a steal at $10. Been buying it by the case as a new world house red for a few years now.


    1. John, I'm trying these wines because someone asked me to, or suggested that I try them, but 14 Hands Merlot will be one I'll look for.
      Also your post on the "super Tuscans" is very interesting to me as I have been lead to believe something different, something here I NEED to understand more than I still do.
      Thanks very much,