Friday, March 9, 2012

Henry Beston and John M.Kelly


Henry Beston The Outermost house Copy right Henry Holt and; co. begins with a glimpse into the nature's East with: "It is the privilege of the naturalist to concern himself with a world whose greater manifestations remain above and beyond the violences of men. Whatever comes to pass in our human world there is no shadow of us cast upon the rising sun, no pause in the flowing of the winds or halt in the long rhythms of the breakers hastening ashore."

John M. Kelley gives a glimpse into nature's West: "Walked the vineyard a couple hours on Monday in balmy spring weather; again—nothing. No budbreak, no woolly buds, barely any budswell out on the ends of the canes of the precocious clone 943 Pinot. I was happy to see wet soil down to 3″-4″ digging under the vines, but we still need to irrigate. The canes in the young vines are still too brittle to tie down."

Wine connects us to nature in special ways, even as good writing, good humanity can. Though I love philosophy and nature, I believe the two are inseparably intertwined, and that's not to say the "Faith" isn't woven in there, but the faith I'm talking about says the same thing as science: Thermal dynamics has an irrevocable end even to our sun, but this part transcends science: "Love abides." I hope you'll see the love that Herny Beston and John M. Kelley had and have for nature, the vine, and the family.
No wine pictures today, no score, just the people, places, and maybe a little faith today.
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