Monday, May 23, 2016

National Chardonnay Day

Wednesday, May, 25th is National Chardonnay Day,
 and for once I'm going to get ahead of the soft-shoulder curve; inevitably, Vinogirl will do a post on one of the fourteen or so 'official' wine days,
 and I'll be belatedly shaking my head.

In fact, I intend to buck my lack of enthusiasm for Chardonnay by celebrating this most widely recognized, manipulated, and quite possibly the most broadly grown grape in the world, and by concentrating on this quintessential white wine most of this week.
Chardonnay is the wine often demanded by some on every occasion throughout the year, and I wildly guess, that I get it!
Also, let us not forget that recently many just finished (some continue) celebrating the Judgment of Paris 40th anniversary.

To the wine (Chardonnay of course):

Beringer "Simply Sophisticated" 2014 Chardonnay, $4.00 at Market Basket Super markets, 85 points, poured a pale straw yellow color.
Smells of apple with hints of tomato juice and honeysuckle were just okay for me.
Barely medium-bodied with good acidity and flavors of the aromas, minus the tomato juice, were surprisingly good.
Finished fair on the trailing palate, a touch of lemon, and a sweet-spot 13.7% alcohol.
A straight-forward yeoman's everyday Chardonnay that will serve many well.
Paired fine with my spinach cheddar croissant.


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