Saturday, June 18, 2016

Charles Smith VINO 2015 Sangiovese Rosé

Charles Smith VINO 2015 Sangiovese Rosé, $13.49-$14.99, 88 points, was a spring peach color.
The nose was a shy strawberry.

This was a wonderfully delicate light-bodied Sangiovese Rosé with good acidity and soft flavors of watermelon and strawberry with a subtle floral note.
Finished on a bit of cotton-candy, the trailing palate, and a shy 12% alcohol.
This gentle/shy Rosé was a satisfying if not nearly a phantom pairing to my spicy sloppy-Joe.
I bought this wine at the Bedford Whole Foods.


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  1. Had a 2015, Miner Family rosato of Sangiovese last die for...99 points!!!

    1. VG: Now that's a jaw-dropping review! I haven't seen their appropriately labeled Rosato, but if I do, I'll let them know who made the sale!
      Now that I finally have you on a hundred-point scale, your record can assist me in gaging your palate more accurately; interesting that you judged two points higher than I've ever judged any wine; you aced the miner, but I'm wondering if you weren't on a minor squiffy; and I thought 88 points was a major Smith-smashing score! What do I know! :)

  2. My palate cannot be trusted :)

    1. VG: it's all so much fun! I loved the 99 points!