Saturday, March 11, 2017

Achaval Ferrer Mendoza 2012 Malbec (Argentina)

Achaval Ferrer Mendoza 2012 Malbec, $16.14-$22.99, 90 points, poured core black grading purple/red toward the thin crystalline wine ring and moderately draped glass bowl.
Aromatic sweet black raspberries, mulberries, oak, and floral notes were excellent.
Near full-bodied with good acidity, smooth underlayment of tannin, and flavors reflective of the aromas trailing into a long finish of spearmint and a 14.5% alcohol empowered white pepper combined to impress.
Paired perfectly with hamburgers and chips, not to mention our hazelnut chocolate dessert.


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  1. Haven't had a Malbec in quite a while...must rectify that. This one sounds quite nice.

    1. VG: I've been trying to get to a vast supply of these I have stored away, including three from France.