Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Castell Franken (Trocken) 2015 Silvaner White Wine

Castell Franken (Trocken) 2015 Silvaner White Wine, $19.79-$21.99, 91 points, poured a light glossy gold color clearing at the glass shallows.
Aromatic pome fruit, soft floral notes, and hints of citrus and bacon were superior.
The almost medium-body was dense with flavors of stone fruits and brine; acidity was fair or medium.
Finished long on persistent ginger and the dry 13% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with a Alsatian bacon and onion tarte flambée.
I bought this wine at the Whole Foods of Bedford.
This was the first Silvaner (Sylvaner) white wine I've had the pleasure of tasting, and I was impressed.


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  1. This sounds fab...can count on one hand the number of Silvaners that I have had in my life! Unusual variety.

    1. VG: If they're all this good (not possible) I'll be buying whatever I can find.