Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bad Boy 2005 Bordeaux Red Wine (Merlot), On Halloween, All the Big Boys Were Bad

Bad Boy 2005 Bordeaux Red Wine (95% Merlot), Approximately $20.00, 88 points, is a different kind of Merlot, it is aromatically earthy with grape and spicy cedar notes, and has the dark color of garnet, flecks and all. The flavor is dominated by a still firm tannin presence, with tangy licorice and Damson plum. 
Normally I would have waited for this wine to go on sale, but I'm working on my Halloween picks. Certainly I could have picked this up for about $17.00 if I had waited (Making this a fair wine purchase).
There is a story behind this wine, a story about French wine maker Ets Thunevin's insight into young-drinkable wines. If I see the more recent vintages on sale, I will gladly pick a bottle or two; that makes this a recommendation for this wine. 
Mister Anonymous is my model, and he knows the face behind the the message! Thanks MA, and just because you're one of The Big Boys, Don't Be Bad.
For a more insightful peek, check-out:Yumsugar.com

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