Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ghost Pines Zinfandel And Halloween

Ghost Pines 2008 Zinfandel, $11.70-$19.00, 90 points, is the first of my "Halloween Wines"; these are wines that will go well with the Halloween Motif and will add to the paraphernalia of you party. Sin Zin-I recommend, and Lust Zin-which was to me, a TRICK and not a TREAT, (Already reviewed) could be included as well, but that maybe a stretch. At the end of my review of these wines, or close to Halloween itself, I'll link them all together.

Ghost pines Zinfandel is a product of the famous Martini Family, and is sourced from Sonoma and the San Joaquin Counties.
The color is similar to the Tannat wine (Dark and Violet), the aroma is alcohol, savory-sage, and cedar, the texture is rich and lush, and the flavor is bramble-berry with a long finish of plum-pepper. The 2008 has very firm tannins, it is a big jammy Californian Zinfandel without going over-the-top. I had read some not so good reviews, but my palate and my wallet were very happy. I paid $11.70, at Hannaford's, but some of their stores are now selling it at 25%-35% off of $19.00.


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  1. One of my favorites is Immortal Zin from Peirano in Lodi. I believe it's under $15, & it's sooooo good! I haven't tried their newest vintage, but I hear it will be released fairly soon. Just a suggestion for you, & I'll keep my eye out for yours.

  2. Claire, I've not heard of the Immortal Zin (Sounds like "My Vampires" would like that one;-), but as I've mentioned in the past, it's often difficult to find wines in NH.
    Thanks for for the suggestions, and
    I trust you are having a great summer?

  3. "What resulted is a perfectly delightful wine." So says Ben Bodenstein:
    Bloggers (Me too) are just that: we have our opinions, but when you synchronize your tastings and familiarize yourself with another's preferences, begin to trust their opinions.
    In the face of many poor scores for this wine, I stand firm in my opinion; this is one of the best QPR Zins I've tried. I picked-up another yesterday for $12.83.