Friday, January 20, 2012

Bridlewood Central Coast 2006 Syrah

Bridlewood Central Coast 2006 Syrah, approximately $11.59-$15.99, 87 points, is a wine I recommend you let breathe for a few hours, as I enjoyed this wine more with some air; usually I like to taste the transition in a wine right from the start into its conclusion. 
Ruby to purple in color, aroma begins quite strong, but settles down to a nice plum, cedar, coffee, and bay-leaf, The medium body carries an interesting array of flavors dominated by plum, espresso, licorice, with hints of tart cherry. The finish is only so-so, but the flavor is still quite good with just a hint of pepper. We paired this with an old fashion homemade pepperoni pizza, but the Bridlewood would go well with most red-meat cuisine, from lamb to America's favorite burgers. 
Bridlewood Central Coast 2006 Syrah, is another Syrah wine that should invite those who have not tried Syrah to do so.

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