Monday, January 16, 2012

Smoking Loon 2007 Syrah

Smoking LOON 2007 Syrah, $9.99-$12.99, 89 points, is another in a surprisingly good array of affordable Syrah wines. If you are finding your everyday Merlot just a bit boring, want a bit more excitement with a little spiciness, then here you have an inexpensive (Under $10) wine that'll liven-up your burger, pizza, baby-back ribs, or what-the-heck, by itself, then this good tasting Syrah cuts it. If you buy the Smoking Loon 2007 Syrah, because I recommended it, I get nothing but the satisfaction of steering you to the trough that so many before had steered me, but until now I didn't get around to tasting (Always a first time), please let me know what you think.
To the wine:
Smoking Loon 2007 Syrah has a ruby to garnet color, the aroma is sweet cooking spice with a hint of hibiscus, all of which covers your palate in addition to the appropriately smoky strawberry, juicy tart cherry, and just a hint of plum. This wine is a bit lighter-bodied than the other Syrahs recently tasted, a bit sweeter, and with a finish less a factor than the others, but what this wine has is warmth, richness, and frugality that begs oblivious shoppers to "bring me home."


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