Saturday, January 21, 2012

AMON-Ra Barossa Valley 2006 Shiraz

AMON-Ra Barossa Valley 2006 Shiraz (Glaetzer winery), $80.74-$94.99, 96 points, is a Syrah/Shiraz that transcends the trend I've been on, i.e. inexpensive wine and a decline in ratings.
AMON-Ra has a color almost as mysterious as its name; it is deep dark garnet with rubies to the core and flashes of violet, but though the wine is a bit cloudy (unfiltered) there is yet a brilliance here.
The aroma is subtle, but pervasive with toasty spice and bright black fruit.
The near full-body has a gestalt of complexity that radiates throughout the wine experience and is a cinema, a spectacle, a drama that separates this Shiraz from the run-of-the-mill wine: a beautiful color, an enticing bouquet, a developing palate that is both deep and delicious, refreshing and (dare I say) cerebral, with damson plum, blackberry, sweet cherry, and licorice, but the finish explodes and lingers long with black and white pepper with hints of cayenne on tart cherry. The 14.5% alcohol is perfectly integrated and innocuous.

My son cooked a Roast pork tenderloin stuffed with mozzarella, and tomato onion chutney, over sautéed Broccoli with a tomato crème sauce, which paired nicely, though this wine, which is excellent by itself, will pair well with lamb or beef, or almost anything, in my opinion.
I found the Amon-Ra at store 33 in Manchester's North end.

Amon Ra 2006 Shiraz revisited


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  1. They've only three from this winery in Sweden. All are '09's and none are Amon-Ra. 96 has got to be your highest in a long time, Dennis. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi Ben, you are indeed missed by all of us.
    96 points is my highest score of a wine, and so far, only this one; got to tell you something, but remember, those who don't like spice or dynamite will not like this wine.

  3. Ben, there was one left south of Lebanon, I'll see if I can grab it for your summer visit.