Monday, May 28, 2012

Acorn Algeria Vineyards Russia River Valley 2008 Dolcetto

Acorn Algeria Vineyards Russia River Valley 2008 Dolcetto, $24.64-$31.99, 90 points, is made from 96% Dolcetto grapes while the remaining traces of 2% each, are Freisa grapes and Barbera grapes.
Considering how difficult it is to find this domestic varietal in New Hampshire, I was amazed at such a valiant effort Acorn winery had made with this wine (From my little experience with this varietal, I'd say this is a serious wine).
The color is a vibrant and pristine deep ruby throughout, with a clear rim.
Having an aroma of sweet cinnamon, clove, cedar, and cherry, it would have fooled me in place of Acorn's 2008 Syrah.
With a bounty of flavors, red cherry, licorice, strong floral notes, and a hint of espresso, this balanced medium bodied wine is structured with a subconscious acidity, but the finish has firm tannin, and finishes with eucalyptus and spice.
This wine did not hold up for the three days as well as the Conterno Fantino 2007 Dolcetto. So, drink this wine upon opening.


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  1. Dennis,

    I was not familiar with Acorn, so "googled" them. Interesting that they don't produce a Chard or Pinot Noir being in the RRV--I respect producers that buck the trend a bit.