Monday, May 28, 2012

Valley Of The Moon Sonoma County 2008 Sangiovese

Valley Of The Moon Sonoma County 2008 Sangiovese, $10.19-$14.99, 87 points, begins with a ruby color, with an aroma that is almost silent, but has hints of candy-cane. The body is light to medium, but smooth and carries fair acidity and light tannin. The flavors I noticed were bright red cherry, floral aspects, and hints of cranberry. Finishing through with a truncated sweet spice and hints of menthol.
Overall, this is a fine effort, though coming short of the more focused Italian Sangiovese wines I've tasted, yet the flavor factor is good and better than some Italian Sangiovese wines. So with a great quality-price-ratio (QPR), I'd say this wine is a buy from me.


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