Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Allegrini 2006 La Grolla Red Wine

Allegrini 2006 La Grolla Red Wine, $25.49-$29.99, 91 points. Sorry for all the high scores, but I just love Italian wine; is a bias showing? Allegrini 2006 La Grolla Red Wine has a deep-dark ruby-red color with flashes of garnet.
The aroma is a standout bouquet of earthy-cinnamon with a firm floral character that is pronounced on the early palate. With some time to breathe, this floral character subsides and a more balanced and unusually juicy character fills the mouth with a lush black cherry, damson plum, boysenberry, and hints of chalky licorice/mocha.
The finish is long and spicy. The alcohol is unnoticeable (13.5%) and weaved into a balanced beauty of a wine.
For the winery's fact sheet: Allegrini

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  1. Yep. Love this wine. I had it last fall and again back in February and I praised the fruit/cocoa/licorice notes both times. Great wine for a very reasonable price.

    1. Guess we're all on board.
      When I was buying my 15% off Italian wines I remembered that you and John both liked this mucho (Although I forgot what vintage you blogged. It was important in my decision to buy it; you guys are not blogging in superfluousness, nor in a vacuum.
      Thanks for all your hard work (blogging) in helping wine enthusiasts to buy better wines without being led astray.

  2. Love this wine! The entire stable is always well done, from the Palazzo della Torre all the way to their La Poja and Amarone. Look at you with that wine glass too....getting your funk on!

    1. John, go ahead and just keep encouraging me:-)