Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gone Fishin' Columbia Valley 2010 Riesling


Gone Fishin' Columbia Valley 2010 Riesling, $8.49-$12.99, 88 points, appeared with a light copper hue.
Aromatic pear, apple, and hints of citrus were wonderful, and all of which carried onto the palate with a more distinctive grapefruit flavor. The light-plus body had good acidity, and the wine was just off-dry.
Gone fishin' finished fair with a coating of ginger.


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  1. I've never heard of this wine, but I can't get over the name & the label.

  2. I like your style Dennis! Your wine consumption is as erratic as it is charming. You spend a week powering through top flight Brunello and then you switch gears to something like Prosecco. Then a series of notes on Bordeaux and then it's off to Washington Riesling.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at the wine shop when you're in there. Is there any rhyme to your reason? Do you just grab a few bottles of something from a region you've never explored on a whim? Does pricing or a particular salesman direct you towards a certain region?

  3. Bill, (TMI-way-TMI)I've tried many approaches to tasting wine, but I'd say you have them all in your question.
    First, I found a varietal I liked (Zinfandel), then I found similar varietals (Syrah/Shiraz) followed by whatever seemed a good-buy for the money. In my post Eureka! ( I explained what happened to Zin, and I got tired of mediocre Shiraz wines, Syrah being way fewer than Zin in NH, I wanted to explore, and of course that lead to Italy/Spain. Recently, The New Hampshire Liquor Stores bought a huge and diverse supply of 2009 Bordeaux wines ( with 15% off for buying 12 or more; this is a great opportunity for adventure, so I've dived in.
    Besides the little wine boutiques the NHLS are giant, and yes many of the store managers have become friends, and some of the knowledgeable clerks enjoy my visits, some of whom spend as much as an hour with me.
    Bill, the NHLS Link maybe very interesting to you as it presents only the current distribution of 2009 Bordeauux wines, and it maybe a bit overwhelming; let me know what you think.

  4. Nice photo Dennis! Like Claire, I hadn't heard of this one either. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  5. Nick, I haven't been fishin' in many years, but I must admit the label reminded just how much I miss it; thanks for the comment.