Monday, October 22, 2012

Tabarrini Montefalco Sagrantino 2006 Colle Alle Macchie

Tabarrini Montefalco Sagrantino 2006 Colle Alle Macchie, $52.56 plus approximately $11.20 in shipping fees (optional next-day service, and the first wine I did not personally purchase in NH), 95 points, is a splendid red wine made from the Sagrantino-grape. John M. Fodera of Tuscanvines-Montefalcos 2006 Colle Alle Macchie  intrigued me with profuse praise of this wine to move-out of my comfort zone and desire to review wines for typical New Hampshire wine drinkers; I am not at all disappointed!
To the wine:
2006 Colle Alle Macchie is black at the core, almost as black as the bottle, trending dark rosewood and continuing as a slightly cloudy violet toward a clear rim.
The bouquet is an amazing buttery popcorn as you pour, but with your nose in the glass it is transmuted into lush blackberry with hints of leather, cinnamon, and lavender.
This velvety full bodied wine is very acidic and very tannic. This  was not an impediment to us, though the wine is a sipper (it was ten minutes before I had another sip), and I'm guessing that it will benefit from a ten to twenty year slumber in the cellar (glad I bought two).
The flavor is the aromatic presentation, and is over-ruled by the prematurely long finish of bourbon heat (15% alcohol) and spice.
Just a quick note on domestic Sagrantino, Mosby-wines, which I haven't as of yet had the good fortune to have tasted, is the first producer in North America, and if their wine is as good as their labels, their wine should be outstanding:-) I know someone who has a bottle, and when she spills her brains, I'll link you to her mature palate.

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  1. Well done. And yes, Sagrantino is HUGE. It needs big food. Bistecca Fiorentina, even game. Rich risotto, or a heady cheese after dinner. As they say: vino di medatazione. Wine to meditate by...

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks John, but in this case, and I'm sure that it's obvious, the Big is beautiful, and though I paid "top dollar", I believe I still got good value from your advise.