Tuesday, October 30, 2012

XYZIN 2008 California Zinfandel

XYZIN 2008 California Zinfandel, $14.99, 88 points, was cranberry in color, the aroma was almost too robust.
The 14.3% alcohol set aflame the sweet cooking spice, cedar tones, and black pepper onto the palate snowballing deep into the warm finish.
The medium-plus body was smooth and carried bright acidity, mild tannin, and flavors of red cherry, mulberry, and plum.
These Zins have been great with pizzas (for example) and the Football games.
So far, these bottom-shelf Zinfandels have been remarkably consistent except for the outstanding Mazzocco Zin, and made for easy purchasing; buy what you're comfortable with and what's least expensive; the ladies in the super market have got this one down exactly right, but if you are looking for a special Zinfandel, you need to experiment or get some advice. Sorry, in NH you won't find the Mazzocco in the super market yet!


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