Monday, September 2, 2013

Bloggers and Plagiarism-It Could Happen to You!

An Open Letter to Other Bloggers
The Reaping of Other's Labors Continued

 So far these plagiarists which improperly use other's (mine) intellectual (photographic) property have complied with my requests to stop using my material without proper accreditation. However the number of bloggers to do so is a surprise, and only one of three has apologized, which evidences a sad arrogance and corruption.
 There are many web-sites which link to my photographs and return-link to my blog, I'm pleased with that, and am honored that they think highly enough of my "art" to do so, but for those who wish to STEAL my work, money, and creativity to use as their own work. . . dishonor not only me, but make for an atmosphere where other boggers and writers could or should become suspicious concerning their own writing/photography as well; I doubt that SH or Vinography's Alden would like to see pieces of their well thought-out and written articles to show-up (plagiarized) in other bloggers posts.
 Am I making too much of this, some have said so, and in a "lawless" society I suppose they are right, but in analogy as I follow traffic laws I expect others to do so as well.

Dennis Tsiorbas


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