Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rotari 2005 Talento Riserva

Rotari 2005 Talento Riserva, $7.99-$19.99, 86 points, appears slightly golden in color, and the level of effervescence is Frizzante styled.
Gentle pear and lemon on the nose is quite nice.
The 90% Chardonnay dominates, but there is an unnoticeable (to me) 10% Pinot Noir as well.
Light bodied with fair acidity, notably mineral tasting, dry, and barely apparent aromatic fruit broaches its neutral character.
A fading palate finishes this wine without a climax.
Notice that this is a "Power buy" wine at the NHLSs, and at $7.99 will be hard to beat in a "sparkling" white wine for any intention, though I doubt that it will impress.


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