Thursday, September 26, 2013

Joseph Drouhin Laforêt Bourgogne 2011 Pinot Noir

Joseph Drouhin Laforêt Bourgogne 2011 Pinot Noir, $15.29-$17.99, 87 points, appears almost Brunello sunburst orange red, crystal clear with a very broad transparent rim.
Wet cardboard (diminishing with air) and red cherry make for an undistinguished aroma (Screw-cap enclosure).
Medium bodied with good acidity that intensifies with late palate mouth-watering edginess, combines with mild-plus tannin, early palate smooth drinkability, late palate tart black cherry, and a fair finish of white pepper and a slight trace of the 12.5% alcohol, manages some complexity out of a rather one-dimensional Pinot Noir. 


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  1. Interesting series of Pinot noir tastings. Seems you like the Etude best so far, but if you had to pick one country, or one region, for this wine variety whhich do you think would be your favourite? I don't usually gravitate towards Pinot noir, although I have had some great Burgundys in my time. I do not like Napa Pinot noirs, I often joke that the best thing to do with Pinot noir here is to make it into sparkling wine...actually, I'm not joking!

    1. Vinogirl, I haven't had enough PNs to say, and certainly I haven't had any exceptional Burgundy Pinots (Too expensive for me), but I just keep tasting what's available and affordable, although I do have a few "worthy" PNs to follow:-)
      Etude was great for me and my son!