Thursday, September 12, 2013

Domaine Séguinot-Bordet 2008 Chablis

Domaine Séguinot-Bordet 2008 Chablis, $21.99, 91 points, appears almost as a pure transparent molten gold color.
Floral notes blend beautifully with a predominantly pome aroma.
Near medium body has bright acids, and ironically begins with crisp stony flavors, yet trends creamy honeydew melon, pear, and red-delicious apple.
The finish is clean minerals on a trailing palate and a creamy texture, with just a hint of citrus.
Yes, I know, I paid full price! It sometimes happens, and sometimes it is worth paying full price (How much would you pay for this wine in a restaurant?)! Sometimes you have to buy that which is available, because there is not an abundance of Chablis wines available in New Hampshire.


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  1. It's wonderful when one finds a good Chablis...this one sounds delightful.