Sunday, May 11, 2014

Château Lamothe De Haux Grand Vin 2012 Bordeaux White Wine

Château Lamothe De Haux Grand Vin 2012 Bordeaux White Wine, $13.99-$14.99, 84 points, appeared a bright gold color which transitioned to light brass and finally gray toward the glass wall.
At colder temperatures the aroma was a pristine lemon/lime, but as it warmed a rather complex evolution transformed the aroma from sweet saltwater taffy to honeysuckle, and finally cantaloupe.
The light body carried fair acidity with rather flat citrus and green melon flavors.
Finished fair on the trailing palate with hints of the 12.5% alcohol and thin tangerine notes.
Varietals were 40 percent sauvignon blanc, 40 percent semillon and 20 percent muscadelle.


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  1. I haven't had this wine in several years, but I remember it as a great wine. I may have to pick up a bottle this weekend.

    1. Curious-Claire: I was very disappointed. We don't see many White Bordeaux in these parts, and the last one I had was very good!


    2. Again, I'd move far, far away from that state! I'm not wild about living in Missouri, but at least I have easy access to great wine!

      I'll try to remember to pick some up sometime soon. Like I said, I've always enjoyed it in the past.

    3. Be sure to give me a piece of your mind on the 2012 :-)