Monday, May 26, 2014

Rutherford Ranch Napa Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford Ranch Napa Valley 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, $18.99-$21.99, 86 points, began with my trying to think of the old and wise saying about: "Into every life a little rain must fall"; well, when a wine I was looking forward to with great anticipation fails almost completely as did this wine, I'm not singing "I love a rainy night."
The rosewood trending crushed black currant color with a silvery rim was fine, but the aroma was strong and enduring barnyard blues for me.
The flavor of espresso was fine too, but from there it was downhill with petrol and green grape-skin notes that stole the thunder from a medium and lush body of good acidity with mild to moderate tannin.
Finished well with that espresso, mint, spice, and just a hint of the 13.5% alcohol.
The 2011 is young, and since I bought more than one bottle, I'll be visiting this one again.
Recently I tasted the 2007 and was amazed, pure and simple, it was wonderful, and a very different wine.


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  1. Petrol is a very distinct wine flaw.

    1. Vinogirl, I'm not a chemist, but I don't like this trait (petrol-like as in oil rather than gas or closer to petroleum jelly) in any wine, and I was really disappointed (I have to call it as I seense it). Three days later, the petrol notes have diminished somewhat, but overall I wouldn't say the wine has improved.
      Have you tasted this wine?