Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scagliola 'Casot dan Vian' Piemonte (Italy) Chardonnay

Scagliola 'Casot dan Vian' Piemonte (Italy) Chardonnay, $15.29-$16.99, 88 points, poured a bright brass color.
Smells of toasty melon, vanilla, and soft citrus blossoms were good.
Barely medium bodied with good acidity and flavors reflective of the aromas and minerality compared this Chardonnay favorably to many a Cali Chardonnay, more than other Italian Chardonnays I've tasted, but still very clean and pure.
Finished on the trailing palate, alcohol notes (14%), citrus, ginger, and an almost Sauvignon Blanc fresh-cut grass.
I bought this Chardonnay at the Harvest Market in Bedford.


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