Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Fun Of Smelling!


As for me and my nose, we seek to smell everything! Wine tasting has reinforced my axiom to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell as much of the world around me as I can.
There's no guarantees when it comes to one's nose and wine-tasting, but without a natural curiosity you'll probably be handicapped.
My latest quest is to smell pome flowers as well as all the tree blossoms as I can find. Most are subtle, gently sweet and perfumed; The Catalpa speciosa is quite fragrant, and most of us are familiar with Lilacs.
Following are photographs of some of my recent forays into the world of sights and smells beginning with plum blossoms:


Macintosh apple blossoms are sweet and perfumed:


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  1. Great photos. Macintosh are my favourite apples :)

    1. VG: This orchard is 400 acres, but I'm guessing half again as many acres of other orchards have been developed for business and housing.