Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm a groove wine drinker; no I'm a fad wine drinker; not sure, but I think I'm a red wine drinker. . .

  Fad Wine Drinking?

  There seems to be as many styles of wine drinking as there are wine drinkers, and with that thought, I concluded that I have too much time on my hands. The genesis of the thought came to me when I seemingly realized I've been trending toward drinking one varietal or other for a while before leap-frogging to another varietal; sort of grooving on Cabernet Sauvignon, then hooked on Sauvignon Blanc (lucky me).
  Thus thinking, I can only speak for myself in the styles of wine tasting that people do, but certainly fad wine tasting is great fun; I'm one of those people that hates driving the same roads over and over again.
  Having said: "seems to be as many styles of wine drinking as there are wine drinkers", I suppose I should labor a list of some of those wine drinking styles which come to mind, and would appreciate any additions my sparse commenters might add:
Wine maker (wine making and drinking are a way of life).
Drinking wine to get drunk, winos.
Drinking to get drunk, visitants.
Drinking to get drunk, variants.
Drinking to get drunk, vagrants.
Wine: "tastes so f#@(!#g good", adept.
Jaded: wine is food: wine drinker ingrate.
Jaded: wine is food: wine lover (noblemen/noblewomen).
"Wine! That's all you have?" Drinkers with thirst imperatives.
Dabblers (You know, those that go to a lake to swim, and just put their big toe in the water).
Warblers (drinks wine for a song and a . . .).
"Glass of wine?" "Sure!" Offhanded/take-it or leave-it type.
Duty calls, wine taster/server/employee.
Diehard fanatic, without self-control!
Sommelier (professional).
Wine writer, it's his/her calling!
Finally, the two I began with:
Groove drinkers (not to be confused with being in a rut).
Fad drinkers (novelty rules).

Vinogirl offers:
Wine Enthusiast.
Wine-admirer (a thought which, as a nature lover too, I admire).

Groove Wine Drinking?


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  1. Love this. How about the wine enthusiast (not to be confused with the publication)?
    I consider myself a wine-admirer, as, from the soil up, I am awed at the entire growing/making process (which I consider a gift from mother nature).

    1. VG, your suggestions have been published!
      Thx much!