Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sokol Blosser "Evolution" NV Sparkling White Wine

Sokol Blosser "Evolution" NV Sparkling White Wine, $16.99-$21.99, 86+ points, poured a bright glossy gold color after the initial explosion of large bubbles creating a good head of foam.
Confounding amalgamation of smells seemed unfocused and unfixed: sometimes pear, sometimes tangerine, sometimes cantaloupe, and sometimes lemon, all of which weren't bad but all in all they were just okay for me.
Light body, crisp, dry, good acidity with food complementing flavors of lemon/lime with hints of grapefruit and tangerine were not as appealing as an aperitif; the Evolution sparkling wine paired much better with my key-lime pie than my last Rosé or Bordeaux white wine.
Finished unremarkable on the trailing palate, a more consistent peach flavor, and an unnoticeable 12% alcohol.
This wine was made-up of nine different varietals.


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