Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Marc Brédif 2014 Vouvray

Marc Brédif 2014 Vouvray, $16.14-$21.99, 90 points, poured a bright brass color grading water-clear near the glass bowl.
Aromatic pepper and a floral array were quite good.
Light, crisp, and acidic body carried a complex flavor profile of pome fruit with hints of tangerine, lemon, and passion fruit.
Finished long on key lime, lemon meringue, a hint of pineapple, white pepper notes, and a flush 13% alcohol.
Paired perfectly with my broiled Halibut.


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  1. VG: One of most interesting Chenin Blancs I've had; as for RS, I'd say it displayed the faintest of sweetness (dry wine).

  2. A little RS adds a little complexity (sometimes), methinks.