Saturday, June 4, 2016

Penner~Ash 2014 Viognier

Penner~Ash 2014 Viognier, $23.79-$29.99, 90 points, was a pale golden color trailing water-clear at the glass edge.
Aromatic tangerine and pome blossoms were excellent while cold, but faded as the wine warmed.
Light, crisp, acidic, but softer than a typical Cali Sauvignon Blanc made this Viognier white wine a delight with my fried jumbo shrimp.
Flavors of tangerine with hints of tart cumquat, lime, wet stone, flowers, and black pepper were refreshing.
Finished long on the lingering palate with a dangerous 14.5% alcohol.
What I love about good Viognier is its delicate sophistication, its acidity, and complexity; when a very good one like this comes around, you just might want to think outside the box.


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  1. Will have to find this one for Vinomaker.

    1. VG: great white, but nothing compared to the Darioush Napa Valley 2014 Viognier (JMO), however it was half the price. I have another northwest Viognier I'm looking forward to. The more I taste, the more comparisons I find; isn't wine wonderful!