Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dante Dusi Paso Robles 2006 Zinfandel

Dante Dusi Paso Robles 2006 Zinfandel, $19.99-$42.00, 89 points, just had to be discounted; with so many very good Zinfandel wines around, it must be hard to get these to "take-off". I had my eye on this wine at the Harvest market in Bedford for about a year when oops the price came down to just under that magical $20.00 range.
Well, it was time for a comparison change of pace from all these beautiful wines from Italy.
Dante Dusi began with an 'unfiltered' appearance the color is a consistent cran-plum, and still with a clear rim-ring.
For the first time ever I would describe the aroma as having a brownie note, as well as the usual sweet cooking spices, cedar, and plum.
A medium body carries good acidity, refined tannin, with quite a tangy bramble-berry flavor.
The finish is long on tart red cherry and spice.
Under the $20.00 mark, this is a very nice wine with loads of character; so much so, that at an even higher price it would be worth the unique Zinfandel experience.
We liked this wine as a stand-alone sipper.
To be fair to those who might grab this wine on my account, the wine critics were not so kind to this wine.


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  1. Cran-Plum? I think you just invented a new Ocean Spray flavor :)

    I am assuming that Dante Dusi is the owner of the famed Paso Robles vineyard that supplies Ridge, JC, Turley, Four Vines, etc?

    1. Bill, does that make Ridge etc. a négociant?

    2. That's a good question, Dennis. The wikipedia definition is pretty vague and I suppose anyone who buys grapes from someone else could technically qualify as a "negociant."

  2. Wow, looks like you got a killer deal on this one Dennis.

    1. Nick, I try to be patient, waiting a year or more is not uncommon for me before a sale 'twists my arm', but if I find a wine I've been looking for, I'm known for paying full price.
      I'm trying to train myself to help family and friends to buy good wines at fair prices, but it's a process, and NH isn't always that easy to buy wines, especially Brunello wines which seem over-priced here.