Monday, May 21, 2012

Michele Chario La Court 2007 Barbera D'Asti

Michele Chario La Court 2007 Barbera D'Asti, $26.99-$39.99, 91 points,
is a wine I was going to review tonight, but I feel that I need to let it sit over-night to better assess the powerful violets and eucalyptus  flavors, which in small amounts I like.
Other notes were the remarkable candied-red-cherry color, and the powerful aroma consisting of earth, floral cherry, and clove.
I'll finish this tomorrow, Deo volente!
Okay, it's tomorrow. What often happens is a complex wine like this Barbera begins its open bottle-life with overwhelmingly powerful notes, but like an early morning fog starts it's inevitable dispersal and relaxation so that hidden qualities camouflaged will appear; this is the case with Michele Chario La Court. 
Medium-bodied with a smoothly round texture complimented by good acidity, grainy tannin, and diminished floral and eucalyptus flavors, now revealed excellent hints of tar, carrot, and cherry.
The long finish was the trailing palate, leather notes, and warm spice.

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  1. Post drift....but my eyes went to the Poggio Alle Mura that I spied.....

    Who is that eyeing it up in the picture?

  2. Yes! It's me. I needed to put a "human" face on the blog and I needed a model, but self portraits are not altogether my forte.

    1. I thought maybe it was, but it seemed an odd angle to take a picture from. You look like Robert Duvall!

  3. DT, you have been on a roll lately. Very impressive display, indeed.

    And as for the Michele Chiarlo (minor point-- check spelling on the wine name)-- a favorite producer that knows how to provide value up and down the list of product offerings. Interestingly, though I also spend a fair amount of time perusing shopping lists, I have never seen the bottle you have reviewed here. Another one to search for.

    Keep up the Good Works, Bro. BTW, nice pic!

  4. Thanks for the head-up SS, I'm so dyslexic I'm surprised I can write my own name.