Monday, May 21, 2012

(Villa Matilde) Tenuta Rocca Dei Leoni Campania 2009 Falanghina

Tenuta Rocca Dei Leoni Campania 2009 100% Falanghina,
$11.70-$15.99, 88 points, began with a lovely gradation of yellow colors, from pale at the core to bright lemon at the rim.
This wine is floral and fruity with a light-plus body that carried less acidity in an Italian white wine than I'm use to, but paired nicely with a sea-food medley.
Flavors ranged from light citrus to a more influential melon, but with an almost sour caramel after taste that followed into the fair finish.
Falanghina is a new wine varietal for me, and worth the $11.70 I paid for it; am I going to start a cult following over this? No! However, just remember, you'll never know unless you're willing to try something different.
I bought this wine at Hannaford's super market in Londonderry.


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