Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cupcake 2011 Prosecco

Cupcake 2011 Prosecco, $7.00-$10.99, 85 points, begins quite fizzy (Sorry I did not take a nano-meter for the specs), crisp, and refreshing; "all is as it should be" until it begins to warm when a not so pleasant sour taste appears. So, drink cold and just out of the bottle and keep it cold, mix with a little of your favorite fruit puree, and have a little cheer.
This wine review is for Ben, because he's on his way home (soon), but the name of the wine is for SH, the guy I believe sees this as a 'Don't be a vintner's girlyman' label. As for Memorial day and Ben's soon homecoming, I give you the condensed version of the New Wold Symphony.


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