Sunday, May 12, 2013

Etude Carneros AVA 2007 Red Wine

Etude Carneros AVA 2007 Red Wine, approximately $40, 91 points, begins in the glass as if an unfiltered black currant and crushed blackberry color with a thin clear rim.
A profuse aroma of cinnamon, clove, and cedar, with a sweet black cherry alcohol (14.9%) is as gaudy as is the overall flavor carried on a full body of good acidity and unusually persistent, yet approachable tannin for a Merlot/Malbec blend. There's lots of black fruit and floral flavors here too.
Finishes long and strong with spice.
This is a BIG red wine without much subtlety, and will appeal to those who like Robert Parker's palate (Just my guess).


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  1. Ah...Etude used to make (under a second label, Fortitude) a dry Sémillon which was fab...alas, they don't anymore :(

    1. Vinogirl, now that you mention it (dry Sémillon), I don't usual think of Sémillon as "dry": do you think (know) if there's a reason I wouldn't think of this as a dry wine? I'm thinking Sauternes, but I'm going to guess there's another reason.

    2. Semillon is usually used in one of two ways: a sweet wine such as Sauternes or blended with Sauvignon Blanc to make a white Bordeaux-style wine. There are a couple of good California Semillon/Sauv. Blanc blends, Sticky Beak comes to mind. And Semillon/Chardonnay blends are popular in Australia.

      My good friend Alex (you've no doubt seen me reference him in my tasting notes) was on Etude's mailing list for many years going back to their initial release in '85 or '86. I've probably had every Etude Cab from '85 up through '97 or so; many on multiple occasions. I think they are (were) as good as any California Cabernet. I always got loads of mint and licorice from them. Never had this particular blend, but I'm intrigued by the two grapes in the bottle.

      I'm also a big fan of their Pinot Gris.

    3. Bill, I love Pinot Gris and wouldn't hesitate to grab an Etude Pinot Gris. I definitely defer to your cab. experience, but I wasn't overwhelmed, price considered, with this red blend.